Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things Just Got Real (Expensive)

It became clear, when I was ready to start putting some serious stuff on my laptop so I could actually *do* something, that my old macbook was going to be a problem. When you beach ball while typing an email, it's a bad sign. It was at this point that my amazing partner told me that he was planning to get me a new laptop for Mother's Day but maybe we should get it now so I don't have to suffer for the next couple weeks thereby risking frustration and discouragement. This definitely makes up for the time I got a tv antenna for Mother's Day, by the way. I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new MacBook Pro.

I'm currently working through the Rails book. I had a list of things to get on my machine now that we've migrated my old machine over. Over the last day or so I've installed Ruby, Rails, a JavaScript interpreter, and I'm figuring out what I already have or need as far as a database. I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing yet. This is, of course, a dual lesson where I've also been learning about yak shaving. Between the new laptop set up and installations (oh, and my job), I've had this thing for three days and I've only been able to do a few basic things with it. I've been familiar with the frustration of yak shaving, but this is my first personal experience. It does indeed suck.

I also have a couple books arriving this week. It may be a bit luddite-ish of me, but I often prefer hard copies of books. I've been reading the SICP as much as possible, squinting at my phone, but I'm anxiously awaiting my own copy. I ordered Chris Pine's Learn to Program as well. I have two or three more books from my list that I'll be ordering shortly as budgets and reading time allow. I've been looking for a balance of tutorial heavy books (for home, coffee shop study days) and reading heavy books (for bus rides, work breaks, etc) as I have a fair amount of reading time during which I don't have access to my laptop.

As of late Tuesday night I have my ticket (and the time off at work) for Clojure Bridge coming up May 16th and 17th! I plan on going to the prep night on the 7th as well. So things are moving along. Since my partner is in Taiwan this week, I'm largely left on my own to figure out what needs to be installed and how I'm supposed to use it. I find this to be an advantage as I believe it would be far too easy to fall back on his expertise. My goal is to head into Closure Bridge knowing a little something.

I learned of an opportunity to attend a Rails Bridge in Madison, WI this summer as well. I'm tentatively planing to be there if we can work out the logistics.


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